It is time to…

…destroy Nazi Germany.

Just kidding. It’s actually time to begin NaNoWriMo. In less than six hours I will begin the month of nightmare. Fortunately, I have written a plot outline a month or two before the event, so I won’t be going in blind. (That’s a bad idea, folks. Designate a few hours before November to write down a plan of action. You will have to change it, doubtless, but changing it will be less painful than trying to come up with it on the fly.)

I will be trying a new thing – writing the closing chapter first, and then wrapping around to the beginning. Supposedly, it’ll be easier that way to keep the plot holes covered. I’m not overly worried about those, given that what I’m about to write is supposed to be a parody of a romance novel, but I’m willing to give it ago nonetheless.

May God have mercy on my soul.

~ by angrydrake on 31/10/2013.

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